As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” But how do you know if your branding works well or is ‘broke’? Answer this simple question:“Does your brand identity accurately represent your company today?” Your company’s current branding may have been perfect in the past. But as a business develops, the brand and identity needs to evolve as well. If your company

Dr Nadya Temple qualified in medicine and Neurology in her native Kazakhstan before specializing in Acupuncture for over twenty years. Having recently settled in the UK she continued to practice acupuncture from two clinics in Surrey. Her new business was developing steadily through word of mouth but Nadya wanted to create greater awareness and a professional image to attract more clients. The

The standout designs of last year. 2017 was a great year for me, one of my best in fact and I'd like to share some of the highlights with you. I had the pleasure of working with some forward thinking business owners. The result is they all now have strong branding to support their plans to grow their businesses over the coming year. Tadworth

My client had three specific design criteria for the creation of her luxury wedding shop brand: The name– Tilly Mint, the colours – mint green and pink, and the store had to look at home in London, despite it's location in Hampshire. Exterior signage was created using specially formed letters finished in gold leaf (no other finish has quite the same effect) and bespoke oval

About Qdos The tenth anniversary of the iPhone presented an opportunity that my client Qdos, couldn't ignore. Qdos creates smartphone accessories andhas an exciting range of cases, many of which I've had the pleasure of designing over the years. The brief Qdos wanted a range of designs that would celebrate the iPhone’s birthday. The brief for the design for the new iPhone cases was that