Samsara retail branding and E-commerce website

I created the branding for Samsara a few years ago whilst working as Nomo Strategic Marketing and Design. Emily Browne, the owner, wanted a name and logo to launch her dress agency in Bagshot Surrey.

Early in 2017 I dropped into the shop to check that all was OK and to ask if there was anything I could do. Emily explained that she was moving to a new, larger premises a few doors up in Bagshot High Street and needed some help with exterior colour and application of the branding.

I suggested a number of signage schemes and alternative colours ranging from subtle to vivid hues. After checking paint samples, Emily and I agreed on a colour named ‘Dusted Fondant’ for the shop exterior. I obtained estimates from signage companies for the manufacture and application of the laser-cut acrylic lettering from my scaled artworks. The entire shopfront was painted before the installation of signage.

Samsara opened in May 2017 and its strong high street presence is now attracting far greater numbers of customers than at the previous premises.

Emily says, “I’m so pleased Nick has designed the new shop front for Samsara – I’ve always loved the original logo that he created. Nick can be trusted to listen to what I want and come up with spot on brief designs. But, also to challenge my opinion and gently push his ideas to achieve a really professional, well detailed scheme. I’m really proud of how Samsara stands out in Bagshot High Street due to the effective design.”

The next strategic step for Emily to develop the business was to take the brand online and sell her merchandise to a wider audience through a bespoke e-commerce site. Design work on the new site commenced in September 2017 and the build was undertaken by my digital partner Taybridge Consulting. We trained Emily on how to update content, use the payment gateway and shipping tools and went live in mid October.

View the Samsara Fashion website here. 


New logo for Jacks Haircutters in Soho

My good friend and collaborator, David Oliver, who is a brilliant photographer by the way, asked me to help with a small job. He wanted to help his friend Jack, who has cut David’s hair for that past twenty years.

Jack’s salon is in a basement in Soho’s Old Compton Street, with no ‘shopfront’ as such. Many potential customers walk past as they cannot see into the premises. So David took some great shots of Jack and his team in action and planned to display them outside the entrance, on an A-frame sign so customers could see what was on offer.

I was happy to help out by arranging a montage of shots and arranging supply of the sign but when I asked for a logo to brand the job Jack didn’t have one. In fact he sort of did, but frankly I couldn’t use the 70’s throwback that he was using. (Nothing wrong with 70’s design by the way if it’s good.)

So I proposed a couple of logo designs, incorporating the established date and location: Old Compton Street, to communicate that this is an established, quality, Soho based business.

Although the original brief was for a simple sign, Jack now has branding which he is proud of and is even considering branded merchandise.

By the way, if anyone thinks the lack of apostrophe is a mistake it’s not. This is a logo, not a grammatical piece of text. Look at Harrods and Selfrdges for examples.