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Keeping up appearances

Keeping up appearances

Imagine you are at a party and you come across two guests you’ve never seen before. Before you speak to them, you judge them by taking in their appearances – it’s human nature to do so.

One is well dressed and presentable and the other scruffy and dishevelled.

So, who do you go and talk to – Mr Smart or Mr Scruffy?

It’s highly likely to be Mr Smart.

Now, imagine this in the context of someone seeing your company for the first time. This is why your appearance – your branding, really matters.

Likewise, your brand (your reputation) is equally important. If you do not send out the right visual and verbal messages about who you are, then you might end up attracting the wrong type of people to your business.

Is your company Smart Co or Scruffy Co?

Carry out a quick check to find out how your organisation appears to its audience.

Ask yourself and your customers the following questions:

  • Are you proud of the way your company is presenting itself to the outside world?

  • Do you have a distinct image that you want others to see you as?

  • Are your existing customers happy to be associated with you, and are your potential customers’ first impressions of you positive?

  • Does your branding engage with your customers?

If all of your answers are yes, well done. You are managing your Brand Identity well.

Do remember, though, that your marketplace is constantly changing – particularly with such rapid developments in technology and social media.

However, if the answer is no, then you should review your branding. In which case we’d love to help. Give me a call on 07876 293885  for an informal chat or send and email to Nick.

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