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Commissioning a brand design project

Commissioning a brand design project from a reputable, experienced brand designer should be like ordering a bespoke suit from a Saville Row tailor.

Function before style

Before discussing the style of the suit, the tailor will want to know a bit about you:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Your expectations of the suit you have in mind
  • What occasions you planning to wear it for – business, foreign travel, country pursuits, a wedding?

In the world of brand design this is the research stage.

We ask questions about your long term plans for the business. Are you planning to sell, diversify, acquire new companies?


The design of your new suit (or brand) will have to reflect your personality. Otherwise you won’t feel comfortable wearing it and you will look a bit daft!

  • Are you formal or casual?
  • Cutting edge innovative or traditional.
  • Bright flamboyant or sombre?

And what do your competitors wear? If they are all in dark blue suits do you want the same, to blend in? Or be a bit different, to show that you are different, and stand out.

Design ideas

Now we have an idea of the suit’s function and your personality, we can propose some design ideas for you to respond to. In just the same way, we’ll put a few ideas in front of you to get your reaction. These first ideas often stimulate more debate about how your brand might look and we embark on a process of developing and crafting the design until it’s right.

The process should be collaborative, with the designer listening to, and advising you throughout the various iterations. Similarly, you would be attending many fittings at your tailor, discussing and adjusting details of the garment until it fits perfectly.

The end result

When we dress with care, in an outfit that not only looks great but is well made and feels good, we feel good about ourselves. It gives us confidence and pride. And others tend to notice us, and react to our presence.

It should be exactly the same when your organisation’s branding is carefully designed. It should inspire you with pride, and your customers will recognise, remember and engage with your brand.

Stratum C – a brand design project

Stratum C commissioned a brand design project with us. You can can take a look at the finish brand design for Stratum C here.


If you feel that your branding doesn’t reflect your personality, give us a call on 01737 819687 or send Nick an email.

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