Inner Art

Brand development

Inner Art is a studio that offers art classes to children and adults. Before asking for help with branding, owner and founder Katie Beth had created a logo for the business herself, using her own hand print as an icon. I was tasked with developing this concept into a professional brand identity suitable for consistent application across signage for the studio, posters, flyers, leaflets and promotional merchandise.

Katie Beth, owner of Inner Art Studio says:

“Being very new to branding and a marketing novice, Nick was a god-send at the time I was creating our new Inner Art Studio. He’s continued to be a huge support ever since.
As Nick is very thoughtful in the way he presents ideas, I’ve been able to see things in a new light and come out of my comfort zone in terms of colour and design.
He went above and beyond in widening my understanding of branding – but in a gentle way so it wasn’t over whelming!
I’ve been 100% pleased with the concept Nick has created for signage, posters, flyers and merchandise. And most importantly, the hand print logo was given a much needed face lift.
Nick very much helped shape Inner Art identity in line with our vision. I haven’t looked back.”

Inner Art Studio