A core element of brand identity, designing a logo is one of the most creative and challenging, but rewarding tasks for a designer.
The logo should be the distillation of the organisation's personality, be simple, memorable, and unique.
Get your logo design right and it can help instil pride in, and respect for, your organisation.

  • Typographic 'wordmark' for Marketing Agency, Fusebox Communications. Whilst avoiding cliches I really had to put the word in a box.
  • This logo for a hair and beauty salon in Whitley, Surrey was developed using lateral thinking – cut up the word 'cut'.
  • Samsara is a dress agency and boutique in Bagshot, Surrey. The logotype uses specially drawn characters based on Helvetica, the symbol is full of love.
  • Business coach and good friend Stuart Kerslake asked me to design his branding. The developed design hints at its original inspiration - an infinity symbol.
  • The Borne Club, a private Rackets, Fitness and Social club in Farnham, asked me to rebrand them to reflect a modern friendly proposition.
  • Jacks hair salon based in London's Soho  has a fashionably retro feel to it, which the logo reflects perfectly.