Website design has to balance functionality, user experience and aesthetics.

Crucially, it also has to be on brand.

The website is, in most cases, the most visible manifestation of the brand and so all the website designs shown here are brand led.

  • Website concept and design for new Marketing Agency, Fusebox Communications.
  • For London photographer David Oliver a new brand and website, MyFaceWorkAndPlay, offering affordable, professional profile shots for people's social media.
  • This website design incorporates four separate sites within one template for Jigsaw, a charity supporting children with Autism. In collaboration with Taybridge.
  • As Stratum C was a new product launch, the website had to communicate the brand's proposition and educate consumers as well as being the primary sales channel.
  • Ecommerce websites such as Stratum C have to carefully designed and built with navigation and functionality a priority as well as reflecting the brand.
  • Following successful branding and retail projects for Samsara I was asked to design a website with full e-commerce functionality. The site was built in Wordpress by Taybridge.