The Bourne Club, a members' sports and leisure club In Surrey, needed to refresh its brand to appeal to a wider audience than its current membership and project an accessible, friendly personality.

Shortly after the brand's launch, reaction from members has been very positive with increased membership enquiries.

  • A range of branded clothing is being developed for members and staff.
  • Th entrance door is branded with an aluminium wall plaque.
  • The squash courts at The Bourne Club are identified by a three metre aluminium panel mounted onto the wooden cladding of the building.
  • The main entrance signs for The Bourne Club are designed to attract maximum attention from passing traffic to announce the location and facilities on offer.
  • The Club's entrance is branded with applied acrylic signage mounted onto a new fascia panel, fixed to the existing porch structure.
  • Visitors to the Club are drawn to the entrance by two levels of signage, main logo above the doors and a door plaque to the right.