With so much emphasis on online sales, the importance of good design in the High Street has become even greater.

Smaller, independent retailers can have stronger personalities than the national brands. Creating a strong retail brand is about communicating the unique personality from the logo design, exterior treatment and creative use of signage down to the carrier bags and ticketing.

  • I created the branding for Moutan's floristry shop six years ago and there are now three shops in Hampshire including a garden shop.
  • The design brief for Tilly Mint Weddings was "to look at home in Bond Street" even though its home is in Hampshire. Sophisticated luxury with a hint of fun. Read more...
  • Branding and signage to create greater awareness of Jacks, which is in a basement in Soho. See more here.
  • Retail brand identity and shop exterior design for an independent boutique on Bagshot High Street. See more. See website.
  • Creation of logo and shop exterior design for an upmarket dress agency in Sunninghill, Berkshire.
  • The new owners of this established hairdressers in Witley, Surrey, wanted to radically update the brand to appeal to a broader range of customers. See more.